Monday, March 24, 2014

Washington DC: Natural History Museum and the Archives

Wednesday was a day that called for lots of rain, wind and the potential of a tornado... So naturally the hubs and I felt that a day filled with indoor activities would probably be the safest. We got up nice and early and had some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast - because no trip back east is complete without it - and then got in line nice and early for the Natural History Museum. This Museum was definitely designed with children in mind and there were plenty of children waiting to enter the museum upon opening. One of the first things you see when you arrive is this beautiful creature.

We decided to head over to the Dinosaur exhibit first and enjoy all the bones!

We learned about the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and got a chance to watch real scientists making molds of bones to put on display for the museum. To see these creatures put together in person is surreal - they were such large animals, it is a terrifying thought that they were wiped off the face of the earth. We got to explore the Ice Age exhibit where we got to see bones of Saber Tooth Tigers and Wooly Mammoths.

We also got to explore the Oceanic section of the museum, which made me very sad to be a human, as they discussed the effects of climate change and what it is doing the animals and fish across the planet.

For whatever reason my favorite part of a Natural History Museum is always the stuffed animals. I can't explain why.

But I think the highlight of this trip was the viewing of the Hope Diamond. Infamous for it's size and blue-ish tint, it was truly a spectacular sight.

 After the Natural History Museum we made our way over the National Archives where you can view the original Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take any pictures but let me just say - it is worth the experience. I was absolutely star struck by these documents. Our nation was built on these documents and the men responsible were so enlightened and ahead of their time. Absolutely inspiring. If you are ever in the district, I highly recommend a stop here. Not only for these very important documents, but for the other exhibits as well. They had presidential phone recordings, video of historical trials and lots of hands on stuff you can play with to get totally immersed in the history of our country. One of my favorite parts of the Archives was listening to President John F Kennedy discuss the desegregation of schools in Alabama with Gov. George Wallace. It was like I got my own personal DeLorean and went back in time and was a fly on the wall. 

It was another fabulous, unforgettable day that I will cherish for a lifetime. Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of my trip was. It's been very hard to pick just one thing. On any given moment I pick the White House tour, then the DC Night Tour, then the Capitol tour. It was all amazing. All of it.

Up next: We tour the Capitol! And visit the monuments one last time.

*all pictures taken by myself or the hubs!*


  1. This is so cool! I was just in DC to run the RnR race, and I was disappointed that we only had the weekend to sightsee, because I would have loved to check out the Natural History Museum! I've always loved dinosaurs, haha. How did you like the night tour? We were considering doing it but opted out, and now I'm kind of wondering if I should check it out next time! :)

    1. I thought the night tour was amazing!! Our guide was great - informative, funny and totally into his job. He even went over our prescribed "three hours" to make sure we got to see all of the sights and spend a good amount at each monument. I definitely felt it was money well spent!

      ..and super jealous of your marathon in DC by the way :)